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Diploma in Graphic and Web Design

This course covers visual communication and presentation techniques using Graphic Design and Web Design. It provides a platform for the students to learn the tools of the trade to become a professional in the field of Printing, publishing, graphic and web designing. Students learn the Art and Techniques of Visual Communication by the effective use text, images, designs illustrations and animation. This course effectively prepares students to become a design professional in the field of Graphic design, web programming, Web Designer (UI/UX design) and Android/Php developer.

• Design and Illustration Concept • Adobe Illustrator • CorelDraw • Adobe Photoshop and Indesign • Design for Print, Advertising, Packaging, etc • Assignment and Portfolio Building
• Web Site Design Concept • HTML Php JAVA • Adobe Photoshop • Flash for Design & Web Animation • Action Script • Dreamweaver • Different types of Web Page Design • Assignment and Portfolio Building